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CPS Athletes Receive Captain's Training

Dream Builders University visited Woodward Career Technical High School and Withrow University High School student-athletes to teach them the true meaning of being a captain. 

Dream Builders University continuously provides resources and growth opportunities to CPS students, helping to educate young men and women about leadership skills. 

Marty Carter with Dream Builder University spoke to the students about identifying the characteristics of a captain in hopes they implement the skills in their daily life. 

“I’m already a captain in Football and Basketball, but I feel like this session helped me grow into a stronger leader for my team,” Woodward student Jeremiah Hughes said. “It was a reminder that they follow everything I do, so I have to make sure I’m always doing my best.” 

CPS students have tapped into a lifelong resource.

Mark Herman, a CPS employee, said, “Dream Builders is a great supporter of CPS student-athletes and CPS as a whole. We appreciate them taking time to be with our kids to give them different resources to help them grow.”