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Woodward Students Honored for Providing Life-Saving Aid to Classmates

The Hamilton County Board of Commissioners recognized four Woodward Career Technical High School students for rendering life-saving aid to their classmates.

Seniors Jaileyana Fraley and Lagena Johnson, junior Brooklyn Turner and sophomore Delamonte Andrews were recently honored for their brave actions and display of empathy, care and compassion for their classmates with county proclamations and with their own special day – Woodward Student Heroes Day – which was observed May 4 and 5.

The students provided first aid in two separate gunshot incidents that occurred near the school earlier this year.

Fraley and Johnson had just completed Stop the Bleed training through the school. The interactive course guides students through the three methods of bleeding control – how to use your hands to apply pressure to a wound, how to pack a wound to control bleeding and how to correctly apply a tourniquet.

Along with nurse practitioner Angel Taylor, the two phlebotomy students provided intensive medical attention to the injured student until paramedics arrived.

“We’re trained to remain calm in situations like that,” Johnson said. “It could actually mess with the patient if you are not in the right state. You have to make sure the patient is okay.”

A few weeks later, Turner and Andrews sprang into action following an incident at a bus stop outside Woodward.

“I had to jump in to help,” Turner said. “When I saw him, I felt a lot of emotion. Then I knew I had to do something!”

Turner ran to the bathroom and grabbed paper towels, then put pressure on the wound until paramedics arrived, while Andrews applied pressure using his jacket.

Fraley, Johnson, Turner and Andrews hope these incidents inspire positive outcomes. Turner says her school and, what she’s learned, is special.

“Woodward has amazing teachers, amazing students. I just love Woodward,” Turner said.

The students are calling on the community to end violence in the area.