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2022-2023 Winter Athletics Guide

Cincinnati Public Schools Athletics

Winter Athletics Update

We hope that everyone is enjoying this holiday season. As we move into the official start of winter athletics and work through this 2022-2023 academic year, we want to share some updates for the winter season. 

CPS Athletics has put this memo together with a focus on the updated Student-Athlete & Parent Athletic Manual, AAA Pathway, highlighting and promoting our programs and more. If you have any questions, please contact a coach or school’s athletic director. 

Student-Athlete and Parent Expectations 

Please find the most updated Student-Athlete Code of Conduct here.

Please find the most updated Student-Athlete and Parent Athletics Manual here. 

On behalf of Cincinnati Public Schools and the District Athletics Office, we highly encourage everyone to take time to review the code of conduct and the manual to understand what is expected of student-athletes, spectators and more. All student-athletes will be required to sign an acknowledgement on Final Forms stating they’ve reviewed and understand both documents before being able to participate in 7th-12th grade athletics. 

Ohio High School Athletic Association

Winter Sports Eligibility 

All students’ academic eligibility will be determined by grades stored from the end of the first academic quarter. During this season there will be another grade check at the end of the second academic quarter. If there are any concerns regarding a student’s schedule and if they are enrolled in the right classes to be eligible for athletic participation, please contact your school’s athletic director. 

If you are a transfer or a new student, please make sure you communicate with your school’s athletic director to ensure all other requirements are met for participation in athletics at Cincinnati Public Schools. 

Academic Athletic Accountability (AAA) Pathway

Academic Support-The AAA Pathway team continues to support student-athletes with academic support and personal development opportunities.

AAA Pathway Coaches

Each school has AAA Pathway Coach or Coaches that pull weekly grade checks on all in-season athletes. It is also expected of coaches to assist Athletic Directors and AAA Pathway Coaches in holding students accountable for grades and attending academic intervention meetings if their grades are falling behind.

Weekly Grade Checks and 3 Step Interventions

AAA Pathway Coaches pull weekly grade checks for in-season athletes. Team coaches will be sent a list of students with academic issues. This list of students is REQUIRED to make and attend a meeting with their AAA Pathway Coach THAT week as “Step 1” of the Academic Intervention Plan of the AAA Pathway. If no improvement is made by the following week, the student is moved to “Step 2” which is contacting parents and meeting with the AAA Pathway Coach. If no improvement continues for a third week, the student will be on “Step 3” and practice/gameplay reduction will be suggested.


In addition to OHSAA eligibility standards, CPS has two set eligibility standards that student-athletes are required to maintain, 2.0 GPA and Academic Intervention Plans. If a student-athlete falls under that threshold, they are considered on an academic intervention plan and must attend study tables twice a week for the following quarter until grades are improved.

Academic Intervention Plan/Weekly Grade Checks
AAA Pathway Coaches pull weekly grade checks for all in-season student-athletes. Any student-athlete who has a current grade of 2 or more D’s and/or any F’s must meet with the AAA Pathway Coach to create an academic intervention plan. Failure to meet during that week can result in practice/play reduction consequences.

Study Tables
We have updated the policy to any student-athlete under 2.0 or on a weekly grade check academic intervention week are REQUIRED to attend study tables twice a week. Student-athletes in good academic standing are not required but are ENCOURAGED to still participate in study tables.

Winter Sports 

OHSAA Sport-by-Sport Information linked below 

Bowling, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Gymnastics, Swimming & Diving, Wrestling

Sport Physical and Final Forms 

All student athletes MUST have a valid OHSAA physical completed prior to athletic participation. Students without a physical will not be permitted to practice or compete in any way. 

All student athletes and guardians need to complete Final Forms and all required paperwork prior to athletic participation. 

Home Town Ticketing 

All tickets to events will be purchasable online through Hometown Ticketing. You can find out more information on how to purchase tickets through the school athletic department or by visiting the school’s athletic website. Pre-sale ticket cash transactions may be available for students, please contact your athletic director for more information. 

HomeTown Fan App - Google Play and Apple 

Athletic Trainers

All schools will be supported by an Athletic Training provider for the winter season. Please communicate with your school athletic director to identify staff in place to support your student athletes. Note, some schools will also be utilizing the Healthy Roster app that will allow an opportunity to connect directly with an athletic trainer at any time through their devices.

VNN Websites 

All schools have new websites that will help promote our student-athletes, programs and schools.
All school websites can be found here in the CPS Athletics Spectator Guide.

School-by-School Athletic Director Contact Information & Sport Offerings 

Master athletic director contact list and school-by-school sports offerings can be found on the cps athletics webpage. 

CPS Athletics Spectator Guide 2022-23

Schedules: Check with school athletic directors for the most updated schedule. 

All school ADs info can be found on the district athletics website at 

Streaming: Online streaming will be accessible at select Cincinnati Public Schools’ facilities. The home school is always responsible for providing the stream. Links and additional streaming information will be shared through school VNN websites and athletic department social media pages.


See below with high school athletic department Twitter handles: 

If there is a delay, cancellation, or reschedule for any game, updates will be posted on school Twitter accounts.

Guidance & Spectator Code of Conduct

Any person attending an athletic contest in Cincinnati Public Schools must perform a self-evaluation before entering a district facility. 

Hand-sanitizer will be provided and available at multiple locations throughout all facilities. 

Ticket prices will be determined by the school and the athletic conference that schools belong to. Prices may vary depending on the sport. 

ALL TICKETS TO EVENTS WILL BE PURCHASABLE ONLINE THROUGH HOMETOWN TICKETING. You can find out more information on how to purchase tickets through the school athletic department or by visiting the school’s athletics website Pre-sale ticket cash transactions may be available depending on the school - please follow up with your athletic director for more information. 

Restrooms will be available at all facilities - handwashing and proper hygiene will be made a priority in these areas. 

Athletic Directors, CPS Security personnel and Cincinnati Police Officers will have the authority to remove anybody from facilities if they are not in compliance with CPS Athletics Spectator Guidelines. Please see CPS Spectator Code of Conduct attached.

Spectator Code of Conduct—Cincinnati Public Schools 

The Board of Education of Cincinnati Public Schools believes that teaching children lessons of good  sportsmanship is one of the most important aspects of sponsoring interscholastic athletics and extra-curricular  activities. Good sportsmanship includes winning and losing gracefully, playing fair and according to the rules,  and respecting teammates, opponents, and officials.  

Cincinnati Public Schools promotes good sportsmanship in all interscholastic athletic and extracurricular events (e.g., band, mock trial, academic competition, etc.). Good sportsmanship is an essential part of any  athletic competition or extra-curricular event and is expected from participants, adult coordinators and  coaches, officials, and spectators. As a spectator (student or adult) of Cincinnati Public Schools we want you to be an example of positive encouragement while supporting our student athletes and participants. Our  behavior should be positive, respectful and encouraging of the athletes and participants, adult coordinators  and coaches, officials, and the game, activity or event.  

Failure to follow this Spectator Code of Conduct may result in your immediate removal from the event and the  following: 

First Offense-The spectator will schedule a meeting with the athletic director or principal with resulting  action that may include removal from the next two home athletic contests or events. A letter will be  sent by the athletic director and principal to the spectator in question confirming the dates of removal.  

Second Offense-The spectator will be removed from all home athletic contests or events and other  school activities for the remainder of the school year of the infraction. A letter confirming the removal  will be sent from the Principal notifying the spectator of the dates of the removal.  

Third Offense-The spectator will be removed from all home Cincinnati Public Schools District athletic  contests and other school events and activities for the remainder of the school year of infraction and  potentially the following year. A letter confirming the removal will be sent from the District Athletic  Manager and/or the Office of General Counsel.  

*CPS has the discretion to adjust the above mentioned steps and impose a more serious sanction for  especially disruptive conduct. 

Any athletic or event official, including but not limited to, contest officials, the athletic director or activities  coordinator, principal, assistant principals, police officers, security, site supervisors and anyone else in an  administrative role on the site, may uphold enforcement of an ejection. 

While the Spectator Code of Conduct encompasses behavior expectations and consequences for both  student and adult spectators, Cincinnati Public Schools administrators may apply further consequences to a  student ejected from a contest due to the student violating the CPS Code of Conduct.

*CPS Athletic Department Websites*
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