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Western Hills University High School Students Get Glimpse into Nursing Careers

Encouraging students interested in nursing to pursue their career goals; that’s exactly what a Western Hills University High School teacher is doing through a special event.  

Career Tech teacher Willie Jones recently held Nurses on the Front Line – a special session that included a panel of guest speakers who are nurses. Nearly 40 students attended and asked a variety of questions about careers in nursing. Following the panel, a dozen students had the opportunity for one-on-one meetings with the guest speakers.

“This was a way of answering some of the questions that the students had,” Jones mentioned. “It was also intended to give them the motivation to pursue nursing careers.”

Jones says the idea came about after several students expressed interest in the nursing field. His daughter, Ashley Underwood, is a registered nurse and served as one of the event panelists. 

“When I was in school and I wanted to become a nurse, I didn’t have anyone come and talk to me about it,” Underwood said. “I want to be a resource for high school students who are thinking about nursing and have questions. I want to pass on the torch and show people how to get into the field.”

Underwood offered advice on researching programs, college credit, tuition and lifestyle considerations. Among the nurses who joined her was a Western Hills graduate. 

Seniors like Chelsea Bynum found the information to be extremely helpful. 

“My mom is a nurse, but I never really understood all that she’s been through,” Bynum shared. “Hearing from the panel gave me more insight into what schooling and clinicals are like.”

Bynum recently applied to Cincinnati State Technical and Community College and plans to study nursing. She says Jones was an instrumental part of that process. 

“He helps all his students apply to college. He’s been extremely helpful!”

Jones would point out that’s what it’s all about. 

“I want them to believe that there is nothing in life that they can’t pursue or become,” said Jones. “And I’m here to give them that support to pursue whatever path they want to take in their lives.”

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