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Student-Athlete Transportation Updates

As CPS continues to navigate through this fall athletic season, we look forward to seeing our student athletes excel on their respective fields of play! We understand there have been concerns surrounding transportation for extracurriculars and our Transportation Department is working hard in collaboration with the Athletics Department to minimize disruption of service. There is a national, state and local shortage of buses and bus drivers causing many districts, like CPS, to stack routes in the morning, afternoon and for athletics. As a district, we are working every day discussing, coordinating and troubleshooting these concerns and collaborating on alternative support plans.

We know families and schools have been creative when it comes to transporting student-athletes to their key events. We appreciate this support and your partnership as we deal with a very difficult situation. We support schools allowing the community (parents/families/coaches) to transport our student athletes to different games to support our district at this time. We know this is not our long-term plan and will continue to work to secure transportation through other options. You are, however, approved to move forward in this direction when transportation is unavailable and as directed by the School Athletic Director.

We will continue to collaborate with transportation vendors to expand coverage for athletics events and will communicate adjustments to schools in a timely fashion.