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Shroder Athletes Receive New Jerseys Thanks to Cincinnati Reds

Shroder High School baseball players are stepping up to the plate in style.

The student-athletes will be sporting new Nike jerseys, courtesy of Cincinnati Public Schools’ partnership with the Reds Community Fund.

“I love the new uniforms. They look nice with the Nike logo. Hopefully, we can get some wins in them as well,” Shroder junior Ambrose Brunner said.

Brunner is an outfielder, infielder and pitcher for the team. He says looking good and feeling good helps his confidence, especially at the plate. Shroder Athletic Director Donald Newbery echoes that sentiment.

“We want our kids to feel the part. Sometimes to feel the part, you have to look the part. These uniforms, they’ll look just as good as major league baseball players and feel like a million bucks,” Newberry said.

Cincinnati Reds mascot Gapper was joined by CPS Athletics, the Reds Community Fund and Activities Beyond the Classroom for a surprise jersey reveal.

“We always try to speak the narrative for our children that there’s a lot of people who are behind them and support them. Every so often, you see acts like this that shows that someone cares about the kids. It means a lot and particularly for the hometown baseball team to really get behind Shroder is amazing,” Newberry said.

“I was very surprised,” Brunner said. “I didn’t think we were going to be getting any jerseys, but I’m extremely grateful for the Reds Community Fund.”


Gapper had the honor of delivering the jerseys themseles!