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Check out CPS' December Athletes of the Month!

Congrats to Ja'Kye Floyd and Joe Payne for being named Scholar Athletes of the Month in December!    

Ja'Kye Floyd - Riverview East, Cheer, Senior
Nominated by Carrie Boulden 

Ja’Kye Floyd is currently a high school senior at Riverview East Academy located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ja’Kye excels academically in the classroom as well as in service-school-related activities. Ja'Kye works in the Behavior Unit at the high school level as well as works in an elementary Autism Unit at Riverview East Academy. Ja’Kye has demonstrated great leadership, served as a great role model, all while maintaining exceptional grades.

Ja’Kye is also a cheerleader at Riverview East Academy.She has served as Varsity Cheer Captain for 2 years and has demonstrated strong leadership and exceptional collaboration qualities. All of the young ladies in our cheer program look up to her for leadership and guidance. Ja’Kye is not only talented, but she possesses a high-level work ethic, which is why she is successful in all areas of her life. Ja’Kye is a very caring person, a very positive person, and, more importantly, is a great role model to her peers.

Joe Payne - Western Hills, Basketball, Senior
Nominated by Stephen Coyler 

Joe is a two-year varsity basketball player who's played every year since he was in he 7th grade. His leadership in the off-season basketball program is what has set him apart from his other teammates. Joe has been committed to the off-season program by leading the charge in the weight room, leading stretches, and showing teammates what to do in certain basketball drills.

Joe's attitude about encouraging his teammates to perform at a high level is something that shouldn't go unnoticed. Joe's workman-like attitude has also spilled over in the classroom. Joe is an A Honor Roll student from the first quarter and is working his way to getting an A Honor Roll in 2nd quarter.