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2023-24 Big Red Uniform Update

The Big Red Way Return to Uniform 

Students will wear:
Grades 7 & 8: Solid Black collared shirts or crew neck sweatshirts and sweaters with collar shirt underneath
Grades 9 & 10: Solid Black or Red collared shirts or crew neck sweatshirts and sweaters with collar shirt
-Zoo Academy: Zoo issued Green Uniform shirts
     -Engineering - Solid Black Engineering shirts or add Lab Coat
     -Health Professions - Solid Red Health shirts, Scrubs (TriHealth Only), or add Lab Coat
     -IT - Solid Gray IT shirts
     -STEAM Leadership - Solid Red STEM Leadership shirts
Fridays are Spirit Day: Hughes STEM or Big Red Clubs or Sports shirts are optional
No logos larger than a credit card on shirts
No crop tops
No wording or pictures depicting drugs, alcohol, nudity, tobacco, demeaning to any race, religion, or sexual

*NO hoodies permitted - coats must be in locker

Students will wear:  
Solid Khaki or Black, no rips, tares, holes (Zoo Academy Khaki only)
No leggings, pajamas, sweatpants or denim
Hughes sweatpants are permitted on Fridays

If worn must be:
Without studs or rivets

SHOES: Must securely fasten to your whole foot
Students will wear shoes specific for safety in
Physical Education: any type of close toe and heel gym shoe
ScienceLabs: closed toe shoes
No: House shoes, flip flops, or slides

Students are only permitted to wear head coverings for verified medical and religious purposes. (No bonnets, durags, scarves, bandana, hats of any kind, or any material that could impede recognition or vision)

Students will wear:
Solid Khaki or Black (requirements same as pants)
No spandex or biker shorts (unless worn underneath clothing)
Fingertip in length

Students will wear accessories that meet all safety measures in place for labs and physical activities:
Watches and bracelets must be worn securely to wrist and may be prohibited during certain activities
No sunglasses, robes or blankets

Students are to wear their Student ID around their neck and be visible at all times

*Any adjustments that are needed for medical or religious purposes will be addressed on a individual basis
*No rubber banding or tying up of shirts
*Smart watches adhere to all cell phone policies

View and download the information: 2023-24 Big Red Uniform Update