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Biters, Hammers and Bonspiels! Clark Students Discover Newton’s Laws of Curling

Claire Rich, 7th and 8th-grade math and science teacher at Clark Montessori, decided to switch up their typical curriculum and provide her students with some hands-on experience on the ice. 

To learn about Newton’s laws of motion, Rich loaded up her students for a trip to Cincinnati Curling Club in an effort to help them develop a deeper understanding of the science behind curling and see Newton’s laws in action. Rich says the curling of the stones itself is still a mystery that leaves physicists debating. 

Student Throwing a Curl“We ask the students to draw on their knowledge of laws of motion as well as what we know about force, velocity, mass and acceleration to develop their own theories on what makes the stones curl,” said Rich. 

Each student participated in different stations across the curling sheets to learn the fundamentals of the sport.. Once they completed the stations, students completed a work packet relating their experience back to the curriculum.  

Westin Maine, 8th-grader at Clark, said the experience was eye-opening. He never knew how much science and motion were behind the sport. 

“I absolutely loved curling! Seeing how the slightest difference in stances and forces behind the stone could change the entire game, was really cool,” said Maine.  

Maine was so thrilled with the experience he said he could even see himself starting a curling club at Clark in the future.