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Aiken Psychologist Showcases the Legacy of Student Support

In the hallways of Cincinnati Public Schools' legacy, school psychologist Brady Metz is not just a professional but a continued legacy to student dedication. Honored as an Outstanding School Psychologist for his contributions to the Kids in School Rule (KISR) program, Metz's journey in education began with threads of familial influence. His mother, a school psychologist, paved the way, leaving an indelible mark on Metz's commitment to education, empathy and the thriving community at Aiken New Tech High School. 

In addition to his familial ties, Metz is a graduate of CPS himself, a testament to his strong connection to the community and the impact of quality education.

"I think my biggest role is just to be an advocate for our students and to make sure they know they're loved and when they come to the school, they've got one and many people who have their backs,” said Metz. 

Embodying the ethos of teaching the whole child, Metz's approach extends beyond the conventional realms of academia. His role in the KISR program promotes the use of restorative practices, fostering an environment that nurtures not only academic success but also the emotional well-being of each student. In the intricate dance of restorative justice, Metz plays a crucial part, ensuring that discipline is an opportunity for learning, growth and the restoration of relationships.

“Brady is a problem solver and always works for the best outcome for students,” said General Counsel Daniel Hoying. “He makes an even greater effort for our students in foster care and is consistently recognized by graduating Aiken students as a person who helped them make it through to graduation.”

In addition to Brady Metz, Sarah Welling was also recognized for her outstanding commitment to student success in her work as a school psychologist for Western Hills University High School and Woodward Career Technical High School.