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Aiken Educator Goes the Extra Mile to Ensure Student's Graduation

In a heartwarming display of dedication, a former Career Tech Coordinator teacher went above and beyond to help a family’s struggling student graduate not once, but twice. Mrs. Victoria Nesbitt, an exceptional educator at Aiken New Tech High School, proved that the impact of an educator can extend far beyond the classroom.

“I cannot say enough about Ms. Victoria Nesbitt and what she has done for our family,” Anna Carter, grandmother of two CPS Aiken High School graduates said. 

Carter received a phone call three years ago from Nesbitt regarding the graduation status of her granddaughter Della Wilson. Nesbitt made the initial call to the family and began laying out a strategy for Della’s academic recovery. 

“We ended the call with ‘I will touch base again by this certain date’,” Carter said. “We would encourage our granddaughter all we could, but it was her consistent involvement early on that proved to be successful in breaking through.” 

Ms. V, as they call her, provided personalized tutoring, guidance and mentorship, dedicating countless hours outside of regular school hours to help Della succeed.

When the pandemic arrived and students went home for virtual learning, Nesbitt continued her guidance through other means. 

“Ms. V was there for her from beginning to end. She made sure Della had a laptop and would call me to make sure everything was working. I would look up and she would be there offering assistance and adding positive reinforcement while still not pulling any punches.” 

A few years later when Carter’s grandson David Wilson’s grades began to decline, she received another phone call from Ms. V and knew everything would turn out fine. 

Della Wilson would go on to graduate from Aiken in the fall of 2020 while David Wilson graduated this past school year.

“Without the help of Ms.V, I’m sure that we would not have been able to do the extra work necessary for either of them to graduate. She understood the challenges they both faced as individuals and the guidelines that have changed since my kids were in school. I wish there was someone on our side like Ms. V when my children were graduating.”