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Aiken High School Receives Donation, Weight Room Makeover from RTS

Conditioning, lifting and countless hours of training just got a lot more enjoyable for student-athletes at Aiken High School. Falcons will hone their respective crafts for years to come in their renovated weight room thanks to some helping hands from Reliable Transportation Solutions (RTS).

Tyler Hildebrand, an account executive at RTS, didn’t just support his team’s annual community give-back focusing on Aiken’s weight room. He also insisted they spend time onsite during the project, receiving both help and feedback from students and staff.

“This is what they deserve, and I think they’re going to take pride in this,” Hildebrand said. “It’s going to show on and off the field, court or whatever they’re doing.”

The football program will surely benefit from the renovation, but head coach Harry McCall said this is transformational for Aiken athletics across the board.

McCall’s team never complained about the random and limited assortment of equipment the old weight room offered. They were grateful for what they had to work with.

With fresh paint and new designs that instill a sense of pride and energy within Aiken athletics, one message displayed on a wall of the renovated space will especially stand out to Falcons: ‘Give Results, Not Excuses.’

“This weight room helps you build that character, it helps you understand how to overcome adversity,” McCall said. “Having a space, a functional space, is the most important thing. It’s just amazing to see the things that we were able to accomplish through this.”

McCall said his student-athletes were anxious to get back into the weight room and see the space, even weeks after their season ended.

A handful of Falcons eagerly waited as final touches were made, then immediately went to it for a workout once the renovation was complete. Senior basketball player Shaleyk Perry said he’s inspired by the new space and while teammates were always willing to show up and do the work, the bright colors and new equipment are motivation to keep coming back.

“It’s just been a lot of fun,” Hildebrand said. “And seeing their reaction here makes it all worth it.”