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Hartwell Boys and Girls Basketball Team Are Undefeated Champions

After hard work and dedication, Hartwell Boys and Girls Basketball team not only ended their season as undefeated champions, but as high performing scholars.

Hartwell coaches set a standard minimum of 3.0 GPA to be on the team causing players to think outside of the court and into the classroom. 

"I practiced hard and listened to all the instructions given to me by all my coaches during practices." Aliyah Shelborne Student at Hartwell, says, "I felt like I accomplished something great, and it was fun overall. I thank all my coaches and teammates for supporting me and believing in our team."

The Hartwell champions set the standard for years to come. 

Coach Chrishawna Stewart says, "Winning the championship meant a lot to my students. It made them know if you don't quit, then they could be successful. Next, we will try to do it again next year." 

Congratulations, Hartwell Boys and Girls Basketball Team!