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EXTENDED: 2024 CPS Spring Climate Survey via Panorama

Love Your School? Tell Us Why and Provide Additional Feedback to Make Our Schools Better!

We know our staff, students and families love our schools. We also know there is always room for improvement. For the past two years, CPS launched a new Climate Survey through Panorama that helps our district and school administrators evaluate what is working, areas needing focus and recognizing how our district stacks up against other similar districts across the nation. 


CPS wants to hear from you!

As part of our ongoing effort to gather comprehensive feedback from staff, students and families, CPS is conducting its online climate survey beginning April 8,2024. The climate survey asks questions about your experiences with academics, behavior and culture that will help CPS make informed decisions, impacting the way the district educates Cincinnati’s children. 


The survey will only take a few minutes to complete - all responses are anonymous.


EXTENDED: Spring Survey Window: April 8 - April 26, 2024  


Thank you in advance for helping us better prepare students for life! 

NOTE: Newly employed staff (<=30 days) do not need to take the survey and will not receive the link