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Title I Parent Survey

Families have a voice in the ongoing pursuit of educational excellence at Cincinnati Public Schools. The Title I Parent Survey provides information to help CPS improve your child's school, and it takes less than five minutes to complete. Only families with students attending a Title 1 School need to respond to the survey.

One survey can be completed per student in your household attending a Title 1 School. The survey is available in both paper and web form. If you responded to the paper version of this survey sent home from school, please do not respond for that child again.

The Title I Program was enacted to expand choices for parents. Each year, eligible schools receive Title I federal funds to ensure all children have fair, equitable and significant opportunities to obtain a high quality education. 

The below schools are not Title 1 schools, therefore families with students attending these schools do not need to fill out the survey:

  • Clark Montessori

  • Clifton Area Neighborhood

  • Dater Montessori

  • Fairview-Clifton

  • Hyde Park

  • Kilgour

  • RS AIken New Tech

  • RS Ezzard Charles

  • RS Cheviot-Westwood 

  • RS Vine

  • Sands Montessori

  • Spencer Gifted

  • SCPA

  • Walnut Hills

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