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Board Meeting Recap - February 6, 2023

Cincinnati Public Schools’ Board of Education met for a regularly scheduled business meeting on Monday, February 6, 2023. During the meeting, Superintendent Wright updated the board about the water valve malfunction leading to extensive flooding at Rothenberg Academy and the plan to support students and repair the building for the remainder of the week. 

During Hearing of the Public, CFT union representative Julie Sellers informed the Board of abatement meetings occurring in February, proposals for new policies and how they would impact CPS’ funding. 

Superintendent Wright presented a district plan to recruit teachers, with a focus on educators that identify as Black or People of Color, hard-to-staff content areas (ELA, Math, STEM, Montessori, Physical Education, Special Education) and bilingual or multilingual educators. The plan includes multiple recruiting and information sessions both in Cincinnati and at universities across the region. Additionally, Superintendent Wright shared her goal to make CPS a destination district for teachers across the country, and asked for community support by providing resources, support and incentives. If you are interested in partnering with CPS to make Cincinnati a premier destination for careers, take the Strategic Partnership survey at For more information about CPS recruitment events visit

After the presentation, Board Members Bolton, Craig, Moffett and Lindy expressed gratitude for the efforts to recruit teachers. Board Member Bolton asked to also consider a retention plan; Vice President Craig asked to look at some long-term solutions already built into the district that have fallen dormant; Board Member Moffett asked for solutions to cultural issues; President Lindy expressed excitement over programs designed to help in recruitment and retention as well as gratitude for the transparency of leadership.

Following the presentation, the Board passed a resolution for an alcohol waiver, a motion for emergency funding for repairs to Rothenberg, discussed the Treasurer’s report, partner/vendor MOU agreements and provided context around the Taft v. Woodward basketball game decisions to reduce spectators as a safety precaution.

Vice President Craig provided an update from the Council of Great City Schools about ESSER 3 funds and the relationship between school boards and how schools are governed. Board Member Bolton’s update stating CPS is moving forward with endorsing and providing AP African American History to high school students next school year was received with applause. Lastly, the Board reminded the public about nominations for Preschool Promise Board. 

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The next Board Meeting will be held Monday, February 27, 2023 at 5:30 p.m. at the Education Center. Live stream details are available on the CPS calendar at 

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