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Double the Dedication: A Mother-Daughter Team Shaping Futures at Winton Hills

Robin Day, a dedicated mother, math enthusiast, and CPS 2023 Western & Southern Hawkins Educator Award Top-5 Finalist last year, has taught as a Remedial Math Specialist at Winton Hills Elementary for over a decade. Her passion for teaching math is evident as she supports and inspires countless young minds to be lifelong math lovers. Little did she know that her love for mathematics would become a family tradition.

Fast forward to today, Robin Day’s daughter Brittany Day follows in her mother's footsteps. Not only attending Winton Hills Elementary, but also returning a teacher. The Day family works together with Brittany teaching math, and Robin helping students one-on-one. 

Reflecting on working with her mom, Brittany says, “It’s fun when we're doing centers, and I can just see her across the room working with five kids who are all engaged. It’s an exciting and engaging classroom environment.”

Together, they form a dynamic duo, shaping the future of young mathematicians at Winton Hills, and Robin Day is instrumental in equipping Brittany to be a strong educator in her teaching journey. "It's kind of fun to take elements from her and then adapt them to create an even more effective classroom," says Brittany. "I definitely learn a lot from her. She is a great teacher. It's nice to be able to learn from someone that I'm so close with."

Their shared commitment to the school, their love for mathematics and their family bond create a truly special legacy. At Winton Hills, the love for math runs deep in this remarkable family, inspiring generations of young learners to embrace the world of numbers with open arms.