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Crafting Connections: Gamble Montessori and Montessori Market Join Forces

Buzzing with energy, the front circle of Gamble Montessori High School transformed into a vibrant marketplace, showcasing the creativity and talent of Gamble's students and community members. The Gamble Montessori Spring Market, in collaboration with the non-profit The Montessori Market, proved a resounding success at the school on April 27.

8 Students Behind a Booth The market featured a diverse array of performances and products from handmade jewelry to crocheted flower bouquets, crafted by entrepreneurial Gamble students and enthusiastic staff, parent and community vendors. The planning and preparation paid off, with a number of student vendors participating in shared and independent booths.

The Montessori Market works with several students, in grades 7 through 12, throughout the year in an after-school program to learn about entrepreneurship, engage with local, small businesses, develop products and help plan the event.

Community members eagerly flocked to support the young entrepreneurs and explore the unique offerings. Amidst the bustling stalls, shoppers engaged with vendors and saw one-of-a-kind treasures.

The success of the Gamble Montessori Spring Market showcased the creativity, dedication, and collaborative spirit of the school community.

Khadija, an 8th grader at Gamble Montessori High School, shared her experience, saying, "I made bracelets and already knew how, but then people came and taught us to make candles, crochet and knit! It was so cool because people got to make them and sell them."