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Better World, Brighter Future: CPS Students Make a Difference in the Community

In a world where change begins with a single act, one person's ripple of kindness can set a course for a brighter tomorrow, inspiring others to take notice and follow suit. For Mt. Washington students and other schools using the Expeditionary Learning (EL) Curriculum, a better world starts with them, as May 3 saw the celebration of Better World Day—an occasion where small gestures of goodwill bloomed into impactful initiatives, showcasing the power of leading by example.

Principal Maureen Brenner shared, "Better World Day is all about giving back and showing how even the smallest acts of kindness can make a big difference." She couldn't help but express her pride in the students, noting, "they bring their unique talents and big hearts to everything they do."

Student Sitting on LogFor the school, the day kicked off with Mt. Washington's youngest students collecting cereal boxes for donation to the local Mount Washington Food Pantry, then joyfully delivering them on a mini-march. Meanwhile, third graders painted colorful kindness rocks, fourth graders wove friendship bracelets and designed a conflict-solving hopscotch path, fifth graders landscaped the schoolyard, and sixth graders crafted personalized bookmarks to spread positivity throughout the community via the Mount Washington Library.

But the cherry on top of this heartwarming day was the unveiling of a brand-new outdoor learning space, made possible through a special collaboration with Groundwork Ohio River Valley. 

"Our new outdoor oasis isn't just for class time—it's a place where families can unwind and play together after hours,” said Principal Brenner. 

Principal Brenner explained that the project is the culmination of a year's worth of work and collaboration, mirroring the work the students performed in their community.