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Withrow Seniors Suit Up for Prom Night with Alumni Support

Pi'Son Brown was nearly set for prom— with a car, ticket and date secured, only missing a tuxedo. Thanks to KINGME Menswear and the support of the Withrow Alumni Association, Brown and eight fellow Withrow students were outfitted with stylish tuxedos just in time for their big night, free of charge. 

"The alumni association knows how hard it can be to secure a prom suit, especially during the peak season," explained Brown. "Their partnership with KINGME is literally a game-changer for many of us."

Student admiring himself in the mirror while wearing a pink tuxFor students like Brown, the event is more than just about looking good. It's a lesson in community support and lifting each other during significant life moments. "It's all about family and helping out each other," he noted. 

The selection process prioritized students demonstrating leadership within their school community, with teachers nominating students who either needed a suit or knew someone who did.

KINGME owner Larry Scott is well-acquainted with the community through school events such as the yearly fashion show, and showed excitement seeing the students he bonded with earlier in the year return to his store. "It’s heartwarming to see their peers cheering them on as they strut the runway in our designs, and it’s so incredible to see them again so soon,” said Scott. 

Scott also outfits clients for weddings and other milestone events and sees his role as more than just a clothier.

"It's about more than just clothes. It's about making these young men feel confident on a very special night,” said Scott. "Each suit we tailor for these boys now builds a relationship that often brings them back to us for future significant moments, like job interviews or their weddings.” 

As the prom season approaches, Scott and his team are gearing up to ensure that this year's group of young men look their best, armed with confidence and style, thanks to a community that cares deeply about its youth.