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Ohio School Board Association President Sally Green Embarks on Unforgettable Visit to Cincinnati Public Schools

Sally Green, President of the Ohio School Board Association (OSBA), embarked on a significant visit to Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS), to engage in various activities aimed at fostering educational insight and community connection.

Green’s visit included various tours of the CPS buildings and programs to showcase the district’s diversity and commitment to providing a high-quality and innovative education. 

Kicking off her adventure across Cincinnati, Green took a special guided tour of CPS' Project Connect. Here, she immersed herself in understanding the program's vital role in providing advocacy, specialized educational services and lifestyle enrichment opportunities for children experiencing homelessness. Recognizing the critical importance of addressing the needs of vulnerable populations, Green commended the program's dedication to ensuring every child's right to quality education and support.

Group PhotoContinuing her exploration of CPS' diverse educational offerings, Green visited Rising Stars on Vine, where she had the privilege of observing the preschool program in action. Witnessing the nurturing environment and innovative teaching methods firsthand, she applauded the school's commitment to early childhood education and holistic development.

Green's tour extended to Walnut Hills High School, College Hill Fundamental Academy and Hays Porter Elementary where she engaged with students, educators, and administrators alike, gaining valuable insights into the school's esteemed academic programs and vibrant campus culture.  

One highlight of Green's visit was her tour of Aiken High School, where she had the unique opportunity to interact with alpacas, chickens, goats and more as part of the school's Agriculture Career Tech Pathway program. Demonstrating her commitment to understanding diverse educational initiatives, Green learned about the school's agricultural education efforts and commended their innovative approach to hands-on learning.

Later in the evening, Green remained engaged as she presented at the CPS Board Meeting. Addressing attendees, she emphasized the importance of active participation in school district board meetings and encouraged community members to take advantage of learning sessions offered by the district. 

Through her multifaceted engagement with CPS, Sally Green exemplified the collaborative spirit and dedication to educational excellence championed by the Ohio School Board Association. Her visit served as a reminder of the significance of fostering connections between educational leaders and local communities, ultimately contributing to the advancement of student success and holistic educational growth.