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Empowering Student Voices: The CPS Student Leadership Council

In the heart of Cincinnati, a visionary idea is taking shape within the Cincinnati Public School District. In her first year, Superintendent Wright had the idea of bridging the gap between students and the district administration, to ensure that students' voices are not only heard but actively listened to. Thus, the Superintendent's Student Leadership Council was born. This student-led council is composed of students in grades 10 through 12 from each high school across the district. Each member brings their unique perspectives and experiences to the table and creates a diverse group of individuals with a common goal: to make positive changes in their school system.

The Superintendent's Student Leadership Council meetings take place in the district's central office. During the meetings, council members openly discuss the issues they see in their respective schools. From lunch to the need for more extracurricular activities, their concerns are as varied as their backgrounds. 

Superintendent Wright encourages the students to brainstorm solutions to the challenges and creates an environment of inclusion and hope for a changed future. Members of the Superintendent's Student Leadership Council are empowered to come up with initiatives and work together to implement them.

"The opportunities to connect with diverse students and exchange ideas have had a big impact on my school." expressed Faustina Ansah, a passionate member of the Superintendent's Student Leadership Council from Western Hills High School. “Thanks to this program, my school has seen strong improvements”.

As the school year progresses, positive changes are visible. The Superintendent's Student Leadership Council efforts have already resulted in better lunch options, a more vibrant school community and increased engagement. These achievements not only improve their own school experiences but set an example for the entire district.

At a recent board meeting, members of the Superintendent's Student Leadership Council had the opportunity to share their reflections on their experiences and their hopes for the future of CPS. 

Kimaya Mundhe, 11th grader at Walnut Hills High School says, “It’s been exciting and rewarding to see how the input we provide this year has already been put into action.” 

The Superintendent's Student Leadership Council demonstrates that when students are given a platform and a voice, they can become catalysts for transformative change in their schools and communities. Their journey from a vision to a legacy serves as an inspiring example for all.