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New CPS Tech Influencers Program Makes Knowledge Sharing Go Viral

Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) is taking a unique spin on the concept of social media influencers by creating the new CPS Tech Influencers program – an innovative training approach to ignite viral knowledge-sharing among educators and staff. 

Melissa Kincaid, CPS Technology Trainer Administrator, said CPS is recruiting 18 tech influencers who are using district technology in new and innovative ways. They’ll serve as resources to teachers, helping to equip them with technology skills while providing inspiration for creating more engaging learning experiences for students. 

For now, CPS will select six tech influencers for each widely used classroom tool: Screencastify, a software that allows CPS teachers, students and employees to create and edit videos; Pear Deck, a Google Slides extension that makes slide decks interactive; and Book Creator, a tool for creating digital books.

“We want to partner with those who are using these products well, so they can extend their reach and get their message out about all the great work they are doing,” said Kincaid. She added that anyone who works for the district can be a tech influencer.

Like social media influencers, each participant in the CPS Tech Influencer program will receive perks including swag and exclusive opportunities such as social events and professional development opportunities.  

“I am very intrigued,” said Lisa Piening Miller, CPS Student Service Technician II. “This group seems really fun, and I want to get involved.”

Kincaid is excited by the program’s potential. “I expect to truly highlight and celebrate what I have seen – the incredible, creative work that our teachers put into instructing students every day!”

Are you a tech-savvy CPS staff member or teacher? Click here to apply for the CPS Tech Influencers Program by Friday, September 29, 2023. Influencers will be announced in October and the first monthly meetup will take place Thursday, November 9, 2023.