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Greg Landsman Gives Blood at Riverview East

During Greg Landsman’s recent visit to Riverview East Academy to learn about their Health Center, he had his blood taken from students and heard about the learning opportunities happening at Riverview in the phlebotomy program.

The Riverview East Health Center accepts all individuals regardless of insurance, to provide services such as pregnancy, illness, dental and mental health checkups.

“We love visiting our schools and seeing the influence teachers and staff have on students,” Landsman says. “It’s incredible how many patients the Riverview East Health Center serves.”

The senior-only phlebotomy course has eight students, allowing them to test to certify as a phlebotomist.

“The program benefits my future because it’s giving me certification straight out of high school. Outside of high school I plan to get my bachelor’s in athletic training at the University of Cincinnati.” Amaiya Strawther, Student at Riverview East said. “I plan to assist the football team at UC and also the football team at Riverview East Academy. I also plan to use my certification to do phlebotomy at UC Hospital.”

The program includes a two-year paid internship giving the students the opportunity to work with real-world patients. The goal of the program is to increase diversity within the medical field.

“The collaboration between the school district and the health department is making health care more accessible, ensuring the well-being and safety of our community,” Landsman says.

Health students at Riverview took this chance to teach Landsman the importance of hydration.

“It was fun to take blood from Greg Landsman, although he was dehydrated so we didn’t collect any blood,” Said Strawther. He was very engaged with the process and very calm although he didn’t see any blood in the tube.”