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Rockdale Holds Third-Grade Graduation Celebration

Ninety-eight percent of Rockdale’s third-graders are promoting to the fourth grade, thanks to the student’s new found dedication to reading.

To make the accomplishments happen, D Etta Mcshaw, K-3 teacher, saw room for third- graders to grow their reading skills meeting the students where they were.

“We drilled down. It was tuff. I woke up one day and had an aha moment. From there, their brains caught up, and we started seeing big improvements,” Mcshaw said. “[Ninety-eight percent of students] are promotable, and 95 percent showed significant growth.” The 2 percent that didn’t promote yet are waiting OFT scores

The students have grown tremendously from the start of the school year.

Third-grader Caden Mitchell said, “It feels awesome to graduate, and I had to put in all my brain power. They made us learn a lot and pay attention in class and stop playing.”

Rockdale School’s system for future third-grade readers looks promising.

“I just want to say good luck make sure you do your best and try to pass that test,” Mitchell said to next year’s class.