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CPS Board of Education Renames Lighthouse School for Late Dr. O’dell Owens

The Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) Board of Education voted unanimously during the regularly scheduled Business Meeting Monday, May 6, 2024 to rename Lighthouse School for the late Dr. O’dell Owens. The resolution, read by each Board member, officially renames the school to Dr. O’dell Owens Center for Learning. 

A Woodward High School graduate, Dr. Owens frequently credited Cincinnati Public Schools with providing him the platform to obtain his higher degrees. A champion for education, Dr. Owens was an esteemed partner of CPS, serving as chairperson of the CPS’ Community Advisory Board for seven years, helping to enrich the academic experience for students.

"As we honor the legacy of the late Dr. O'dell Owens by renaming Lighthouse School, we are not just changing a name, but reaffirming our, and Dr. Owens, commitment to excellence, inclusivity and the transformative power of education,” CPS Board of Education President Eve Bolton said. “Dr. Owens' dedication to uplifting communities and empowering generations echoes the very essence of our educational mission at CPS to provide high-quality learning and equitable opportunities for our students.”

As an advocate for education, Dr. Owens served as a founding board member and chair of the Cincinnati Preschool Promise Board of Managers, emphasizing the importance of preschool education in children’s fundamental brain development. He also served as the founding president of GRAD Cincinnati, and remains a permanent Board Member Emeritus, providing academic support to help student achievement and high school graduation. 

"Dr. O’dell Owens Center for Learning not only pays homage to Dr. Owens' remarkable contributions to education and community service, but also symbolizes our collective commitment to fostering an environment that celebrates diversity, equity and excellence,” CPS Board of Education Policy Chair Mike Moroski said. “This was a recommendation, not only of mine, but shared by other Board and community members. Our Policy and Equity Committee worked together on this renaming and are honored to see that Dr. Owens' legacy will continue to impact future generations of students, guiding them towards academic success and social responsibility." 

Dr. Owens, also revered as a leader in healthcare as a reproductive endocrinologist, Medical Director and Health Commissioner of the Cincinnati Health Department, President and CEO of Interact for Health and twice-elected Hamilton County Coroner, will always serve as an example to Dr. O’dell Owens Center for Learning students. 

"Dr. Owens' indelible mark on our community through his commitment to education and his unwavering advocacy for equity is a testament to his remarkable legacy,” CPS Superintendent and CEO Iranetta Rayborn Wright said. “By renaming the school after Dr. Owens, we pay tribute to his enduring impact and ensure that his spirit of compassion and dedication remains at the heart of our educational mission.”

The renaming of Lighthouse School to Dr. O’dell Owens Center for Learning took effect immediately. To read the full resolution, click here.