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Stay Healthy, CPS!

With the start of school and the beginning of Fall, an uptick of students, staff and families begin to feel ill. To help keep our students and staff healthy, CPS is providing some helpful tips for everyone to do their part in stopping the spread of contagious illnesses. Whether you’re feeling icky with the flu, Covid-19, chicken pox or the common cold, following these guidelines will help keep our community healthy.

1. Stay home when you are sick!

2. Avoid close contact with others who may be sick.

3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

CPS follows CDC, Ohio and Cincinnati Health Department guidelines for all illness protocols. Per their direction, CPS is no longer tracking individual COVID-19 cases, providing extra notifications or advising return dates. As with all your health needs, please consult with your doctor for all guidelines for yourself or your child about returning to school or work.

For more tips about staying healthy visit or download and view the Too Sick For School guidelines here: CPS - Too Sick For School-23-24