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Cincinnati Public Schools Celebrates Outstanding Employees at Employees of the Year Recognition Event

Cincinnati Public Schools brought the spirit of appreciation as the district hosted its first-ever 2023 Employees of the Year Recognition Event. The ceremony, held Tuesday, June 20, was a heartfelt tribute to the exceptional efforts and dedication of 78 outstanding teachers, principals, custodians and staff members who leave an indelible impact on the lives of students and the overall success of the district.

Honorees were nominated and selected based on their outstanding ability to incorporate the “I am CPS Core Values” — I Care, I Collaborate, I Continuously Improve, I Commit to Success —  into their daily duties and lives. 

The event kicked off with a heartfelt speech from Superintendent and CEO Iranetta Rayborn Wright, who expressed her deep gratitude and admiration for the exceptional work done by the honored employees. 

Meredith Stutz, Reporter for WLWT Channel 5, emceed the event and read the nomination submissions as the honorees were presented with a commemorative certificate and award for their unwavering commitment to education. 

Congratulations and heartfelt gratitude to all 78 award recipients for their exemplary work, passion and dedication to the betterment of education! You can find a full list of the honorees, categorized by their union affiliation, below. 

Click the link for photos from the event:



AFSCME – Assistants, Coordinators, Couriers, Custodial, Dining Services, Exterminators, Maintenance, Nurses, Paraprofessionals, Security, Sign Language Interpreters and Specialists

  • Tamala Allison - North Avondale Montessori School

  • Christine Brown - Mt. Airy School

  • Mya Byrd - Carson School

  • Elizabeth Cone - William H. Taft Elementary School

  • Kimberly Copeland-Cook - Midway School

  • Anne Donnelly - Woodford Academy

  • Mela Edwards - Fairview Clifton German Language School

  • Angela Nicole Evans - Rising Stars Academy at Vine

  • Randy Halbert - Central Office - Facilities

  • Lesha Helton - Riverview East Academy

  • Lydia Howard - Parker Woods Montessori School

  • Venita James - Roselawn Condon School

  • Rhonda Jamison - Evanston Academy

  • Robert Keys - Midway School

  • Steven King - North Avondale Montessori School

  • Marcella Lamb - Spencer Center for Gifted and Exceptional Students

  • Bobby Lynn - James N. Gamble Montessori Elementary

  • Kevin Manigan - Clark Montessori High School

  • Diondre Parker - Central Office - Facilities

  • Brandi Robinson - Pleasant Ridge Montessori School

  • Denise Sherrer - North Avondale Montessori School

  • Leviticus Smith - Lighthouse School

  • Latasha Smith - Carson School

  • Pamela Smith - Clark Montessori High School

  • David Sparks - Central Office - Facilities

  • Jacqueline Thomas - James N. Gamble Montessori High School

  • Reshicka Upshaw - Central Office – Department of Student Services

  • Helen White - Robert A. Taft Information Technology High School

CAAS – Administrator, Associate, Coordinator, Director, Elementary Principal & Assistant Principal, Manager, Secondary Principal & Assistant Principal, Specialist and Supervisor

  • Ceair Baggett - Robert A. Taft Information Technology High School

  • Parker Brown - Central Office - Office of Marketing and Communications

  • Kayla Brunswick - Withrow University High School

  • John Chambers - Walnut Hills High School

  • Jason Dearwester - Gilbert A. Dater High School

  • Debra Fricke - Central Office - Information and Technology Management

  • Robert Hughes - Central Office - Transportation

  • Tyler Idoine - Jacobs Center - Director of School Services

  • Bryan Kennedy - Central Office - Treasurer's Office

  • Brandon Kingman - Pleasant Hill Academy

  • Traci Moore - Central Office - Treasurer's Office

  • Eric Rozier - Cincinnati Digital Academy & Virtual High School 

  • Tracy Stillwell - Central Office - Family and Community Engagement

  • Terrez Thomas - Carson School

  • Britni Tudor - Evanston Academy

CFOP – Accountants, Assistants, Buyers, Clerical/Secretaries, Coordinators, Occupational/Physical Therapist Assistants, Specialists and Technicians

  • Barbara Bauer - SCPA School for Creative and Performing Arts

  • Joyce Fischer - Central Office - HR, Talent and Benefits

  • Sonya Gaines - Central Office - HR, Talent and Benefits

  • Kathleen Glasmeier - Riverview East Academy

  • Damarr Hopkins - South Avondale School

  • Lori Lewis - Withrow University High School

  • Sandra Mountain - Central Office - Facilities

  • Debra Mullins - Aspire Program

  • Nancy Patterson - Sands Montessori School

  • Leyla Peña - Central Office - English Language Learning Office

  • Bradley Price - Iowa - Student Dining Services

  • Nicole Sherwood - James N. Gamble Montessori High School

  • M Yater - Central Office - Treasurer's Office

  • Nancy Young - Central Office - Security

CFT – Educational Support Personnel, Teacher and Specialist/Interventionist

  • Meg Burrows - Central Office - Positive School Culture

  • Kira Camara - Gilbert A. Dater High School

  • Ryan Casey - Carson School

  • Brianca Gay - Woodward Career Technical High School

  • Heather Johnson - Withrow University High School

  • Deidre Kaye Simpson - Evanston Academy

  • Amy Renner - Rising Stars Academy at Vine

  • Lauren Sand - Academy of Multilingual Immersion Studies

  • Nico Love Stiles - North Avondale Montessori School


IOUOE and Local 20 – All Trades, Alarm Installer, Foreman, Building Engineer, Electrician, Foreman, Glazier, HVAC Technician, Mechanic Plumber, Refrigeration Technician and Tinsmith


  • Robert Cook - Sands Montessori School

  • Jonathan Frederick – School for Creative and Performing Arts

  • Kayla Gragg - Fairview Clifton German Language School

  • Jesse Risch - Sayler Park School

  • Anthony Smith - Kilgour School

  • Robert Smith - Central Office Facilities

  • Catrice Tillman - Lighthouse School

Unrepresented – Administrative Assistant, Clerical Sub, Community Coordinator, Executive Communication Coordinator, Manager, Senior Executive Secretary, Senior Manager and Special Director


  • Kathleen Crable - Central Office - General Counsel

  • Monika Hines - Central Office - Director of School Leadership

  • Debra Klein - Central Office – Director of School Leadership

  • Acacia Moraes Diniz - Walnut Hills High School

  • Anika Thomas Anderson - Clark Montessori High School