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Superintendent Wright and President/Board Member Lindy’s Responses - March 17, 2023

In response to the Cincinnati Enquirer's article posted on March 17, 2023, the following statements from Superintendent Wright and President/Board Member Lindy’s responses were sent to the reporter. While screenshots of the statements were posted on the reporter's Twitter page, they do not appear within the article in their entirety. 

Statement from Iranetta Rayborn Wright, Cincinnati Public Schools, Superintendent and CEO

As Superintendent and CEO of Cincinnati Public Schools, I deeply care about the work and input of all of our employees, who are essential to helping improve outcomes for all students. I respect the concerns of the Cincinnati Association of Administrators and Supervisors (CAAS) leadership and its members, and I will continue to work closely with our Board of Education and leadership team to address their concerns to ensure we are in alignment. Upon receiving the letter, I sent an update to central office staff and principals as I believe there were perceived misconceptions about administrative guidelines and directives. In addition, there have been some shifts in operations to improve efficiencies, all designed to better serve students. These operational adjustments are based on experience and proven, industry best practices to align the district and all schools to our Board approved goals.
I came to Cincinnati almost a year ago based on the notion and firm belief we are all committed to serving children and providing Cincinnati families with excellent educational options in each of our 65 schools. Our Board of Education selected me to lead CPS with a primary focus on improving achievement levels in safe learning environments across the city.  As a 30-year professional who began as a teacher, led a school as a principal and directed transformation efforts as a Deputy Superintendent, I know we are all committed and want what is best for children.
My intent and focus have not changed and I am fully committed to making CPS a model district, not only in Cincinnati, but across the country. I will continue to work with our entire staff and each bargaining unit to make sure we all make the best decisions every day on behalf of every CPS student. 
Statement from Ben Lindy, Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education, President and Member
  • As a Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education President and member, I am dismayed anytime a parent, student or a staff member feels their concerns are not heard or considered. I also understand when a district selects a transformational leader to guide administrators, principals, teachers and staff to reach and possibly exceed aggressive board goals, change to existing processes and systems are inevitable. In 2022, our board voted unanimously in favor of Superintendent Wright based on her experience and outcomes for children, transparency and the ability to effectively push and challenge the status quo. Superintendent Wright’s commitment to CPS has never wavered, and I believe it grows every day. As President and Board Member, it is my job to ensure we listen to all constituents and provide adequate guidance and governance through our policies and superintendent assignments. In regards to the letter from CAAS, I am glad Superintendent Wright responded to principals and office staff about the concerns outlined in the letter, in an effort to provide clarity. We will continue to have open and honest dialogue among board members, the superintendent and union leaders to get past any obstacles. We still have work to do and I am confident in our goals to serve children and families.