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Silverton Academy Teachers Embody Inclusion in the Classroom

Silverton Academy has three autism classrooms, but not for long. Intervention specialist Taylor-Marie Tomaro is working to include children with autism in the general classroom. 

"Our school's focus is on inclusion. Two years ago, my unit classroom showed incredible academic and social growth. This made me want to push students out into the general education classrooms as much as possible,” Tomaro says. “With amazing support from the general education teachers this year, we were able to co-teach math and reading successfully." Silverton Inclusion Classroom 2023  

Emma Faehnle, fifth & sixth grade math teacher, and Tomaro saw the opportunities to help students socially, emotionally and academically.

"Together, we plan lessons that are differentiated with a small group environment to promote inclusivity and positive peer relationships," Tomaro said.

The students have benefited tremendously from the merge with, increased test scores, respect for students with disabilities, increased student engagement, deeper level of student understanding, increased student confidence, and overall more positive classroom experience."