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Giving Safety a Big Bump at Rockdale Academy

Students and staff gathered outside Rockdale Academy to put their artistic stamp on pedestrian safety. 

On Friday, June 17, Rockdale Academy and Councilmember Mark Jeffreys hosted a "Bump-out Paint Party" celebrating the construction of curb extensions outside Rockdale Academy. 

Three sets of bump-outs were placed as “pinch points” in front of the school with concrete blocks to slow traffic and make it safer for children and families. Students were supplied with paint, brushes and other tools to paint the bump-outs however desired. 

This project, part of Rockdale’s Global Conservation Program, aims to help students learn how to transform their neighborhood and the world through field studies, service-learning projects, and access to cutting-edge technology.

A radar speed study conducted prior to the construction of the bump-outs showed that 63% of cars were speeding in front of the school building. Rockdale Principal, Jaren Finney, says she has worked with local community leaders for two years is excited at the progress.

“This is an exciting, new solution for Cincinnati where we get to engage the community in problem-solving,” said Councilmember Mark Jeffreys in a press release. “Hopefully, we can expand this initiative across other neighborhoods if the data shows this is effective.”