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Pleasant Hill Assistant Principal Recognized for Creating a Positive Culture

CPS celebrates Assistant Principal Week to thank and recognize the hard work, support and dedication of Assistant Principals to their schools, students and staff.

The Pleasant Hill Academy kindergarten class certainly showed their love to Brandon Kingman during this year's recognition. The class made pictures and drawings of Assistant Principal Kingman and shared their appreciation in a card. 

Sixth-graders also spread their gratitude. 

"Mr. Kingman is a fun Assistant Principal to be around and talk to,” Dyshaun Edwards said. “You can always trust him to do anything.”

Students say that Kingman creates a fun and open environment and changes the spaces around him.

“What I like about him is that he loves everybody and he is so nice. Honestly, he changed my behavior. He changed a lot of people's behavior, and I think we're going to finish this year off strong just because of him.” fifth-grader Kiamani Franklin said.

“It might be cliché to say, but I simply love my job,” Kingman said.

Kingman enjoys working with all of his students to improve their academics and provide support for their social emotional being.

“I believe school can be fun, and a positive environment allows students to thrive and do their best. We have numerous barriers, but our staff works daily to better the lives of all of our students,” Kingman said. “The role of the Assistant Principal is sometimes confined to student discipline, but focusing on the positive and not the punitive measures can provide the opportunity for positive relationships with students.”