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Kilgour Students Write Get-well Letters to Buffalo Bills Player Damar Hamlin

Kilgour Cards Students at Kilgour Elementary are joining people across the country in support of Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin.

Beth Martin, a second grade teacher at Kilgour, knew some of her students were watching the Cincinnati Bengals game when Hamlin collapsed on the field. It was the first thing students talked about with Martin after returning to class from winter break.

“No one talked about Christmas,” Martin said. “They all said, ‘did you see the game?’ Did you see the game?’”

Martin talked with her students about their emotions and how it’s okay to be scared or sad. The class also talked about being brave and strong.

Martin’s students decided to make get well cards for the player who is receiving treatment at University of Cincinnati Medical Center. 

“The kids come up with this stuff because they want to help. It’s an outlet for them,” Martin said. “They want to feel like they can do something so we started planning it and talking about it.” 

Students drew pictures and wrote heartfelt messages of support for Hamlin.

“I am so sorry for what happened but the good thing is there was a whole stadium full of people praying. There was also perfect medical care people like right around the corner,” second grader, Arianna Huff, wrote. “I also live in Cincinnati. You were also brave and strong. I hope you get well soon.”

“I feel like this is a great example of how the community should respond. I’m so proud of them,” Martin said. “They’re so sweet and they really do have a great heart and they’re able to see outside of themselves.”