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Dater Montessori Celebrates Black History with Scavenger Hunt

Dater Montessori School leaders are thinking outside the box to help students learn beyond the classroom. This month, students, teachers and families can go on a scavenger hunt to learn and celebrate Black history.

“I think it makes learning fun and exciting. It’s just a different perspective for them to learn in a unique way,” teacher, Julie Neal, said.

The Black History Month Hidden Figures Scavenger Hunt highlights Black leaders, inventors, creators and more, including some lesser-known figures.

Participants scan a QR code at the front of the school and travel throughout the building to find 30 Black figures. Each photo is accompanied with a fact, inviting students to research and learn about that person before submitting their answer.

“It gives them a greater exposure. It’s not just Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s not just Harriet Tubman. There are more diverse, strong leaders that have created and done so much for our world,” Neal said. “I think it’s important for them to see that no matter what culture you come from, every culture has something to contribute, and has contributed.”

Principal Anthony Greco says the school is expanding its celebrations of Black history beyond Black History Month.

“We believe that Black History is American History and it really shouldn’t just be celebrated in the month of February,” Greco said. “We believe every student from every color and creed should be celebrated throughout the entire school year.”

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