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CPS, University of Cincinnati Partner to Introduce College Innovation Pathway

Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) and the University of Cincinnati (UC) are proud to announce an exciting program to revolutionize access to higher education for CPS students. The collaborative effort introduces the College Innovation Pathway, a College Credit Plus (CCP) program enabling students to earn an associate degree at the same time as their high school diploma, saving money and earning credits toward their future academic goals. 

The initiative, available to students at Shroder High School, will allow participants the opportunity to seamlessly transition into college-level courses, enrolling through the University of Cincinnati, while still in high school. Through the program, students will have free access to a comprehensive curriculum and diverse choices to tailor their experience to their future interests. Launch UC, an innovative early enrollment program charged with developing accessible and equitable pathways for high school students to UC, is helping move this initiative forward.

“The College Innovation Pathway highlights our efforts to transform high school options by expanding access to early college programming and career pathways,” CPS Superintendent and CEO Iranetta Rayborn Wright said. “By offering a seamless transition from high school to higher education, we are empowering our students to unlock their potential while also having affordable access to a degree. This initiative underscores our partnership with UC and our continued vision to create equitable opportunities for our students.”

The program, beginning for students in ninth grade, features a first-year experience course taught by a UC faculty member and CPS teacher, equipping students with study skills, access to resources, time management, collegiate-level writing and communication. Students in the cohort will work alongside their classmates to learn how to be a successful college student. Through the pathway, students will also have the opportunity to take classes at all three of UC’s campuses.

“This program creates brighter futures for CPS students,” explains Jack Miner, vice provost for enrollment management at University of Cincinnati. “Not only does it lay a foundation for a student to pursue a 4-year degree saving as much as $60,000 in tuition and expenses, but it also provides an alternative for students who do not want to attend college immediately after graduation. Earning an associate degree in conjunction with their high school diploma gives these students more job options, and higher earning potential.”

Incoming freshmen at Shroder High School will be eligible to apply to the program, launching in the 2024- 25 school year. Upon completion of the program, students will earn an associate degree and can further their education with a Bachelor degree at UC, graduating in half the time. 

Interested students and their families are invited to a College Innovation Pathway information session at Shroder High School (5030 Duck Creek Road, Cincinnati, OH 4522) Thursday, May 2, 2024, from 6- 7 p.m.