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CANS Students Are Painting a Better Tomorrow

Clifton Area Neighborhood School students are learning the importance of water conservation through art, with Save Local Waters rain barrel competition.

CANS zoo barrel painting 2023 The rain barrel competition is to promote the use of rain barrels throughout the Ohio River Valley through education and creativity.

Bailey Pierce, an art teacher at CANS, is in her fifth year participating in the rain barrel competition. She took this opportunity to help the earth and teach her students the importance of managing rainwater.

"This project does a great job involving our local community. My students learn about water conservation efforts in Cincinnati and see how a rain barrel works. My students are now more aware of water runoff and how we can help protect our environment and support local ecosystems by using rain barrels in our neighborhoods,” Pierce said. “This is most students' first time participating in a project that takes multiple months of planning and execution. They increase their painting skills and learn to paint on an unusual surface."

The students have gained so much from this project. CANS conservation project 2023

CANS student, Autumn Fagan says “The best part was seeing something so big, start out so small. We got to see the whole process: drawing the design, sketching on the barrel, painting the first layers, and finishing the design.”

The barrels are currently on display at The Cincinnati Zoo and will be auctioned off, with the money going back to educational programs through Save Local Waters.

"We had an awesome time completing the barrel, it's such a fun project to do with students, and I can't wait till next year!" Pierce says.