• At Cincinnati Public Schools, we want to make sure our students and staff are safe when severe weather or extreme temperatures occur, while maximizing students' time in class.

    CPS may close for snow, or for extreme cold or hot temperatures.

    When severe weather is predicted, parents should check the CPS website, cps-k12.org, or local television or radio stations, for announcements about school closings or delays.

    CPS rarely will dismiss schools early, but it does happen occasionally. Please make sure your child's school office has correct emergency contact information.

    We know that start delays and no-school days for snow or extreme temperatures represent an inconvenience to parents, so we do our best to declare them only when necessary.

    Schools Closed 

    • Decisions to close schools are made only after analyzing much data and consulting various authorities.
    • After reviewing all information available, the superintendent consults with senior staff, bus company operators and City of Cincinnati road maintenance authorities, and makes a decision as soon as possible (usually by 5 a.m.).

    Two-Hour Delay

    • Grades K-8 Yellow buses will pick up students at morning bus stops two hours later than normal.
    • No preschool bus service will be available.
    • Car Riders - Students driven to school by their parents should try to arrive at schools when it is safe.
    • Walkers - students should arrive when it is safe. No new material will be covered during the two-hour delayed start; teachers will use this opportunity for review and enrichment.
    • High school students who ride Metro buses (public transportation) to and from schools. Metro bus schedules cannot be adjusted to accommodate CPS' two-hour delay and will run as close to normal schedules as weather and road conditions permit. Check Metro Route times at: https://www.go-metro.com/student-transportation
    • Afternoon dismissal will occur at each school's normal time.