Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

Find My Bus - Yellow Bus

  • How Do I Find My Bus Route On PowerSchool?

Find My Bus - Metro

  • How do I look-up Metro Routes and/or download the Transit App?

General Transportation FAQs

  • General - How do I contact CPS Transportation Department for assistance?

  • General - How can I check whether my request for a change in service has been approved?

  • General - Why doesn't my child have transportation services?

  • Yellow Bus - If I'm from a non-public or charter school, how do I request transportation service?

  • Yellow Bus - Where can I find my child's route information and pick up/drop off times?

  • Yellow Bus - Where can I get the form needed to change existing transportation services?

  • Yellow Bus - How can I change where my child is picked up or dropped off?

  • Yellow Bus - Do you have technology that would allow me to see where the bus is located or when it will arrive? It's late or it never showed up.

  • Yellow Bus - How can I get help with MyStop app?

  • Yellow Bus - How can I find my password or reset my password for the MyStop app?

  • Metro - Can a student in Grades 7 or 8 choose Metro bus as their primary bus transportation provider instead of yellow bus?

  • Metro - How do I access Metro information, look-up Routes, download the Transit App, or contact Metro directly?

  • Metro - How will I receive my child's Metro pass?

  • Metro - How do I get an extracurricular Metro Pass for my 7th or 8th grader?

  • Metro - Can a student in Grades 7 & 8 ride METRO to and from instruction with their live-in sibling and/or caretaker who are students in Grades 9-12 and attend the same school?