M.O.R.E. — Men, Organized, Respectful and Educated

  • M.O.R.E. — Men, Organized, Respectful and Educated - began in Cincinnati Public Schools' Aiken High School in 2009 as a reactive idea to keep young men out of trouble by allowing them to serve in leadership roles and by opening new opportunities to them.

    With the success of M.O.R.E. at Aiken, M.O.R.E became a districtwide initiative in 2011 focusing on the growth of African-American males in Cincinnati Public Schools.

    The M.O.R.E. Program nurtures academic success and strong character development among African-American and other at-risk young men to promote measurable improvements in academic achievement, grade-level promotion, graduation rates and college readiness. Each of CPS' 26 M.O.R.E Clubs includes after-school programming, and monthly and quarterly enrichment opportunities that include financial literacy, leadership development, good citizenship, health and wellness, college and career awareness, social skills development, academic support and community service.

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