School-Based Health Centers

  • Full-Service Health Care Available for CPS Community

    Cincinnati Public Schools offers full-service health centers at sites around the district to serve the medical needs of our students, families and the community.

    Currently, there are 24 School-Based Health Centers to serve students’ needs; 14 of those centers are also open to the community.

    List of CPS’ School-based Health Centers — 2023-2024

    At our school-based Health Centers, no one is denied medical services because of an inability to pay the bill. A patient’s insurance is billed where possible — primarily versions of Medicaid or private insurance — and the unpaid portion is usually covered by donations and other support. This ensures that more children are receiving care than in the past.

    For example, OneSight provides free eyeglasses for students without insurance, and Neediest Kids of All (NKOA) provides funding for vision-care visits. CPS also receives donations to cover the cost of transporting students from their schools to the health centers.  

    Cincinnati Public Schools' Community Learning Centers (CLCs) model is important for assuring that our students have ready access to medical services. The CLC’s Resource Coordinators and school nurses play critical roles in getting families to use the offered services, so the health centers are fully utilized.