• Cincinnati Public Schools believes that students' participation in school-sponsored athletic activities improves academic achievement and should be part of a well-rounded education. CPS offers a variety of athletic activities for grades 7-12.

    Advantages of athletic participation: 

    • Supports schools' academic mission, teaching students self-discipline, self-confidence and the skills to handle competitive situations.
    • Increases academic performance and reduces dropout rates.
    • Promotes the values of a positive lifestyle and good citizenship, and helps reduce the effects of negative peer pressure.
    • Reinforces students' positive image of self and school, and minimizes disciplinary problems.

    CPS Student-Athlete Code of Conduct

Elementary School (Grades K-6)

  • Cincinnati Public Schools offers a variety of sport programs to elementary students in grades K-6. Our programming is designed to reach all students through after-school programs, weekend camps/clinics and organized competition. In addition, some K-6 schools offer team competition for their students through outside organizations such as the Soccer Association for Youth (SAY) and the independent Southwest Ohio Basketball League. Check with your child's school for specifics on the extracurricular sports programs available.

    Want to get more involved in the growth of Athletics in our elementary schools? Please contact Brent Langhorne.

Junior High (Grades 7-8)

  • CPS offers interscholastic competition for grades 7-8 in football, volleyball, cross country, boys' and girls' basketball, wrestling, baseball, and track and field. Annual city championship tournaments are held for basketball and track and field. Contact your child's school for information on the specific programs offered.

    Physical Examination and Liability Waiver Forms

    More information for middle school athletics:

High School (Grades 9-12)

More Athletics Information

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