Sibling Application Period

  • Process

    Sibling Application Period - December 1, 2023 to March 1, 2024  

    Process: Siblings are given priority for entering magnet schools.

    • Please note, CPS will be using its new Student information System (Focus) to process applications electronically. We encourage all to use this new system, but we understand some families may not be able to access Focus. As a result, CPS will allow paper applications to be submitted at each magnet school.

    Who may apply during the Application Period for siblings?

    Siblings of in-district students already enrolled in magnet schools may apply to the sibling's magnet schools. The entering student must meet the magnet school's eligibility requirements, if any, and live within the CPS district at the same address as the current student.

    The sibling who is currently attending the magnet school must be in grades preschool to 5 (or, at AMIS, AWL, Roberts or Roselawn, to grade 7). This means if the sibling has left the magnet school when the applying sibling is entering, sibling priority will not be given.