About Magnet Elementary Schools

  • Cincinnati Public Schools provides the best educational options to students and families in our region — including 22 Magnet schools and programs offering a variety of content focuses and teaching styles to support students' interests and learning preferences.

    • If you have lost your Magnet Lottery password, email us. (This email is only active when the lottery period is open.)
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    2024-25 Magnet Lottery Application Period 

    Enrolling your child in a Magnet school or program requires participation in the Online Magnet Application Process, also known as the Magnet Lottery. Applying is easy from any computer with Internet access. This online process offers families a fair and convenient application experience.

    Magnet Lottery at a Glance

    • One expanded lottery application period
    • Select up to three Magnet schools and programs, ranked by preference
    • Six Citywide Magnet schools or programs\Eight East Area Magnet schools or programs
    • Eight West Area Magnet schools or programs
    • Applications are submitted online with seats assigned via random lottery
    • One online application per child per school year
    • All Magnet schools and programs are open to students with disabilities
    • Out-of-Area Applications — non-lottery, paper applications submitted April 9–26, 2024 — not accepted at schools with waiting lists

    All parents or guardians living within CPS' 91-square-mile district can apply for their elementary-age children to attend Magnet schools or programs in their geographic area — East, West or Citywide. Interstate 75 serves roughly as the dividing line between the East Area and West Area. Citywide Magnet schools and programs accept students who live anywhere in the CPS district. Click here to determine whether your address is East area or West area.

    Families also can visit each school's website to see what's special about each school.

    No matter the CPS school choice, families can be assured their children will receive a solid educational foundation that prepares them for successful futures.



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