• Cincinnati Public Schools belongs to the Cincinnati community, and the district welcomes the community's involvement, partnership and generous donation of time and resources. A thriving school district and a prosperous community go hand in hand, and Cincinnati Public Schools is working hard to earn and keep the Cincinnati community's support.

    CPS' administration places a high priority on community involvement and actively seeks input to fully involve the community in its schools.

    How to Get Involved

    There are many ways for parents, community members, businesses and organizations to get involved with Cincinnati Public Schools.

    Check with Your Local School

    Opportunities abound at each Cincinnati Public school. Different schools need help in different ways. Check with the school's Resource Coordinator or principal about what a school might need. 

    Here are some ways to get involved:

    • Volunteers: Schools may need people to help out in classrooms, lunchrooms and on the playground, as well as volunteers to help with field trips or in the office.
    • Parent Organizations: Many schools have Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) or Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs) that organize events and fund-raising efforts and are looking for active members.
    • Guest Speakers: Schools may want volunteers to speak on Career Days or to share special talents or skills with young people.
    • Donations: Donations of money are always welcomed, and, in addition, schools can often benefit from donations of materials such as wood, fabric, paint, etc. for children to use in art classes and for class projects.
    • Decision-Making Committees: Each school has a Local School Decision Making Committee (LSDMC) responsible for making suggestions on the school's budget, helping to set school goals, and sometimes selecting a new principal.
    • Alumni Associations: Some high schools have active alumni associations that help with various functions to improve school environments.
    • Tutoring: By volunteering as a tutor and spending a small amount of time at a school each week, you provide individual help to a student, reinforcing basic concepts and taking the time to explain complex lessons. For information on tutoring, contact a Community Partnership Specialist, (513) 363-0223.

    Parent-Engagement Initiatives and Activities:

    • Family-Friendly Schools: Cincinnati Public Schools is committed to creating a family-friendly environment and improving customer service at every level — from the signs that greet you in entrance hallways to voice and e-mail messages.
    • PowerSchool: This exciting parent communication tool allows parents to view their child's assignments and grades, as well as attendance and discipline records, in a secure environment via the Internet. A computer has been provided at each school to allow parents access to PowerSchool.

    For Parents

    Parent Involvement

    Helping Your Child

    Join a Local Educational Organization

    There are many organizations that assist the students of the Cincinnati Public Schools and education in general.

    • Cincinnati Parents for Public Schools (CPPS) Parents for Public Schools serves as a forum for parents to have a voice in school reform efforts. (513) 751-5437
    • Cincinnati Youth Collaborative (CYC) The collaborative pulls together business, education and civic representatives to help young people graduate from high school with the skills and motivation to become productive members of society.
      • CYC Mentoring/Tutoring Volunteers are matched with individual students to work one-on-one, providing support and encouragement and improving students' academic skills. (513) 363-5200
      • Partners in Education (PIE) This program matches local businesses with schools so their employees can share their time and talents. (513) 363-5200
    • Cincinnati/Ohio Reads This organization provides volunteers to help students improve their reading skills in the classroom. (513) 621-7323

    Additional Resources