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Preschool Qualifications

Cincinnati Public Schools' preschool programs give children a strong start as they begin their educational journey.

Age Eligibility

Children must be 3 years old to attend preschool. Children who turn 3 after the first day of school cannot attend preschool classes until the child's third birthday. Applicants to magnet school preschools must be age 3 or 4 by September 30.

Children who are age-eligible for kindergarten are not eligible for preschool.

Types of Preschool Programs

Cincinnati Public Schools offers a variety of preschool program options. Contact the CPS Early Childhood Department for information: (513) 363-0240. Representatives will work with parents to find the best programs to meet children's needs.

Magnet Preschool

Preschool classes are offered at most magnet elementary schools.

Magnet Preschools
Magnet Preschool Enrollment

Title I (Federal funds)

The family must reside in the CPS attendance area of an elementary school that offers the Title I program. All children are screened, scored and then prioritized according to their needs for additional enrichment.

Head Start

Eligibility is based on a family's income of 100 percent poverty level, as identified by the federal Poverty Guidelines.

To determine a family's income eligibility for preschool: 

Income Eligibility - Head Start   (2018 federal poverty guidelines; amounts for 2019 may be slightly higher.)

Early Childhood Education (ECE) Grant 

Tuition for preschool classes is charged on a sliding-fee scale based on a family's income based on federal Poverty Guidelines. Call (513) 363-0240 for information.

Specialized Education Services

All children enrolled in a CPS preschool program receive a developmental screening upon enrollment in the program. The staff meets with parents to share screening information and individualize instruction as needs are identified.

For some children, intensive interventions or further evaluation may be recommended to determine a disability.

If your child is not enrolled in a CPS preschool program and you suspect your child may have a disability, contact CPS' Student Services Department for information: (513) 363-0253

Preschool Contact Info

Contact Early Childhood Dept.

Call (513) 363-0240

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