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Books in Action

Immersing Children in Books

Books In Action is a unique response aimed at helping children improve their language and book skills. The program immerses children in books with specific social-emotional themes.

Books in Action is funded by The United Way Community Impact Agenda. 

Three books are chosen for each month’s theme. Each book is read daily for a minimum of a week in a shared book or a dialogic reading format.

Teachers follow lesson plans to teach and reinforce reading motivation, print awareness, vocabulary, phonemic awareness and social-emotional development. With each book are props and games that further reinforce the literacy and social-emotional lessons through play. Examples include concept and lotto games, puppets, masks and plastic animals. 

Eight themes are covered annually; examples include making and maintaining friendships, expressing emotions, individuality, and health choices.

Children also participate in monthly presentations by an acting company, Performance Gallery, which challenges children to act out a book and to incorporate its theme into social interactions.

Parents participate through workshops, book gifts and reading contracts. 

Teachers receive an allotment to purchase literacy materials to help reinforce skills and also receive monthly professional development to support implementation of the curriculum. 

Books in Action serves the 37 classrooms funded by the federal Head Start program.

Information:  Contact Mary Beth Paff, Lead Teacher for Early Childhood: (513) 363-0259


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