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At Cincinnati Public Schools, we are dedicated to giving our students and staff places to learn and work that are safe, orderly and culturally responsive. We also want to provide our students with the supports they need to stay in school and continue to learn and mature.

All students have the right to learn, and no student has the right to disrupt the learning activities of others. Each year, the Cincinnati Board of Education adopts a districtwide Code of Conduct to provide guidelines for expected student behavior.

2017-2018 Code of Conduct - Positive School Culture

2017-18 Guía de carácter y apoyo Código de conducta K-12 —Spanish

Keeping Students in School is Key

The district's primary goal is to keep students in school and engaged in learning. The district provides two alternative programs aimed at avoiding out-of-school suspension and expulsion.

Students must follow the districtwide Code of Conduct before, during and after school. The Code is in effect inside school buildings, on school grounds, at school-related activities, and on the way to or from school or school-related activities. Students also must follow these rules on the yellow buses/vans or Metro buses that bring them to school, take them home or take them to and from school-related activities.

The Code of Conduct provides definitions of behavior infractions. Some definitions include examples. These examples are not intended to be exhaustive lists; that is, the behaviors covered by the definitions include, but are not limited to, the examples given.

In addition to the Code of Conduct, each school develops its own school-behavior plan. This plan includes activities for teaching and encouraging expected behaviors. Each school communicates its school-behavior plan to its parents/caregivers and students — including strategies for teaching and reinforcing behavior, and strategies for providing consequences for both positive and negative behavior.

Parents should be sure to know and understand the school-behavior plan at their child’s school.

The safety and security of your child is our highest priority, and we are committed to providing a safe learning environment for your child. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child's principal.

Cincinnati Public Schools' goal for students who misbehave is to place them in the Alternative to Suspension (A2S) program or the Alternative to Expulsion (A2E) program. However, if the student fails to comply with the rules of either program, the student will be suspended or expelled. Some discipline cases may lead to immediate suspension or expulsion.

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