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Alternative to Expulsion (A2E) Program

Cincinnati Public Schools' Alternative to Expulsion (A2E) program is for students who have committed serious discipline offenses in Category II or Category III of the CPS Code of Conduct.

(The exception to this is for possession of a firearm, which requires mandatory expulsion from school for up to one calendar year.)

Students assigned to A2E continue to receive academic instruction in core subjects plus counseling designed to strengthen a student’s skills in communication, social interaction and studying. The program’s primary goal is for students to successfully return to their home schools, with a better understanding of the connection between their behavior and positive or negative consequences.

While assigned to A2E, students could meet academic standards needed to acquire or maintain class credit, depending on how much class work is completed.

Entering the Program

A CPS Hearing Officer decides if assignment to A2E is appropriate. Students and parents must participate in a hearing with the officer to determine if the student committed the offense, whether the student’s offense mandates placement in an alternative program, and the duration of the placement. The Hearing Officer also reviews supports at the student’s school and determines whether the proper interventions were made.


Students receive instruction aligned with state academic standards and linked to individual goals outlined in the student’s support plan, which is developed during the in-take process. Additional activities focus on strengthening test-taking skills, study skills, and preparation for state proficiency tests. Students requiring remedial instruction in reading and math receive help.

A student with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) receives instruction from an Intervention Specialist and a classroom teacher to meet the requirements of the IEP.


If a student does not attend and complete the A2E program, the original expulsion will be enforced. Students who fail to attend the A2E program are referred to juvenile court for truancy. 

Dress Code

During the A2E program assignment, students are expected to wear their schools' uniform (if the student attends a uniform school).  

Program Schedule and Location

Grades 4-6 Program

  • 7:45 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.

Grades 7-12 Program

  • 8:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.


Jacobs Center
5425 Winton Ridge Lane, 45232
Directions and Map

Social and Behavioral Supports

Students receive targeted social-skills instruction both individually and in small groups. Mental-health services also are provided.

Service Learning

Students participate in a variety of curriculum-based, service-learning projects to enhance what is taught in the classroom, encourage development of caring for others and provide preparation for the work world.

Early Exit Criteria

Students may reduce the number of required days by 25 percent and return early to their regular school by meeting specific criteria, such as high attendance, strong academic performance and community service.

Returning To Regular School

A planning process creates follow-up supports to help when the student returns to regular school. This planning involves the student and parents, and teachers, specialists and administrators from the school and A2E. These supports aim to help the student continue the progress made in A2E.

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