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CPS' Positive School Culture Plan

A Positive Approach to Student Discipline

Cincinnati Public Schools' approach to discipline aims to help students learn good behavior while offering alternatives to putting misbehaving students out of school.

CPS' Code of Conduct provides guidelines for expected student behavior.

Read the full Student Support Guide/Code of Conduct  2021-22 

CPS created Positive School Cultures within its buildings, starting in 2004-05, with staff and students emphasizing respect for each other and with supports in place to help prevent problem behavior. The Positive School Culture Plan is a proactive approach to discipline designed to head off behavior problems before they occur and to reduce the number of out-of-school suspensions and expulsions.

Key components of CPS' Positive School Culture Plan are two programs for students in grades 4–12: The Promise Center — formerly Alternative to Suspension (A2S) and Alternative to Expulsion (A2E). The Promise Center provides academic instruction along with counseling and social-skills instruction at off-campus sites for students removed from regular schools because of misbehavior.

CPS' superintendent and the Board of Education believe the solution to problem behavior is not to expel or suspend most students who misbehave. Too often, students' behavior does not improve when they return to school, and, to make matters worse, the returning students now are behind in class work.

The district has moved away from putting students out of school ‘to the streets’ for misbehavior, which does not benefit students.

  • In the past, too many students who misbehave have been removed from classroom instruction.
  • Lifelong consequences of low-academic achievement include the increased chance that students will drop out before graduation and be unemployed as adults.

The Positive School Culture Plan helps staff work out problems with students before they lead to bigger problems.

A school practicing Positive School Culture can be recognized by the mutual respect shown among all staff and students, aimed at creating a school that maximizes learning and minimizes problem behavior.

Purpose of Positive School Culture Plans:

  • To create an environment where teaching and learning can prosper
  • To promote character development to enable students to make meaningful contributions to the community
  • To provide an alternative to suspension and expulsion
  • To involve families and the community in creating safe and effective learning environments
  • To address the needs of students with behavior problems

Reporting Incidents of Bullying, Intimidation and Harassment

Under Ohio Revised Code 3313.666(B)(11) and CPS Board Policy No. 5517.01, CPS provides a summary semiannually of all reported incidents of harassment, intimidation and bullying, to the extent permitted by the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

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