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Bullying and Sexting

Bullying can happen in many forms: verbal, written, physical, graphic, electronic or cyber.

If you are being bullied, tell a trusted adult. The staff at Cincinnati Public Schools will assist students and parents who come forward with bullying issues. We want our students to be safe and focused on learning.

“Sexting” means sending a sexually explicit photograph over a cell phone or e-mail.

  • It is a crime to create, send or possess sexually explicit photos of a minor (even if the photo is of you, or if it is sent to your boyfriend or girlfriend).

When sending texts or e-mails, or surfing the Internet, remember …

  • Don’t assume that what is being sent is private.
  • There is no changing your mind. Once you send something, it is sent.
  • Think of how the recipient will react to the message.
  • Nothing is truly anonymous in the cyberspace world.
  • Resist pressure to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Never respond to a threatening or obscene message.
  • Never meet with someone you know only online.

What could happen if you are caught sexting:

Sending Images:

  • Felony of the Second Degree
  • 2 – 8 years in prison and possible $15,000 fine

Possessing Images:

  • Felony of the Fifth Degree
  • 6 – 12 months in prison and possible $2,500 fine
  • You could be labeled as a Tier II Sex Offender, which means you would have to register with the Sheriff’s Office for the next 25 years; you would be banned from certain jobs and places to live; your name would be posted on Web sites; and you would have to inform your employer and school.
  • Consequences for juveniles can vary. Anyone over the age of 14 can be charged as an adult.

What if you receive an inappropriate image or text?

Tell parents or school officials immediately. Pictures can be traced to the phone of origin, even if the original has been erased. School officials may be required to inform the Department of Children’s Services and/or the Sheriff’s Office, depending on the circumstances.

For assistance, contact CPS’ Customer Care Center: (513) 363-0123

Cincinnati Public Schools is committed to promoting a safe school environment

CPS Board Policy No. 5517.01, Bullying and Other Forms of Aggressive Behavior

CPS Reported Incidents of Bullying

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